Redesigning of the Add-on manager UI

Hello everyone, In order to add the Add-on manager help text, we were thinking of modifying the Add-on manager UI as illustrated in the attached template images. We’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this.

The help button

The implementation of popover upon clicking on the help button

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Hey, I like the idea but maybe I would suggest that you combine the settings and the help button into one drop-down button instead of having lots of buttons on the UI. But it still looks good.

@annette it really looks good may to avoid overcrowding i will concur with @justmesam suggestion.

@annette I like the idea of the help button, it goes a long way to guide the user when a user is confused as to how to navigate through the page. The visibility makes it unique, so a user wouldn’t find it difficult to locate a help button. I don’t think it is too much for the buttons on the page.

@annette I think the help should be in a less primary position (e.g. in the settings menu) because the help is not something used with a recurring role. It will mostly be unimportant to a user on subsequent visits

@annette So here are my thoughts on the help button:

  • It is definitely needed but it doesn’t have to be on the main view. I am thinking it can be mashed with the settings button - popping up a drop down menu with the options of either the help or the settings menu.

    The apps user interface and user experience should be all the help the user needs 80% of the time, If the user needs to click the help button everytime to understand the app’s functionality, then we need a top down revamp of the design.

  • There are also some javascript onboarding libraries like intro js, hopscotch that gives new users a basic rundown of the apps functionalities. They are more detailed because they hover on each button/input and give a summary of what each does. Something to look into.

Great job in trying to smoothen the ease of use of the app.

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Thank you guys for your great ideas @justmesam @afrocode @jwnasambu @elbertbiggs360 @ebuka

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