Redesign Bahmni Medication page/module for better user experience

Bahmni product team in Thoughtworks is working on redesigning the medication page/screen. Medication screen redesign is a big change and we, at Thoughtworks are actively researching for improving the user experience.

We have documented our research findings done so far and have created some mockups based on the research. We would appreciate your feedback to help us improve our product. link for the document:

We would also welcome your votes on the medication redesign card on our trello wall


Hi @asharma,

Not sure if this is the right place but here is a wish from our client regarding the IPD medication administration within Bahmni:

Ability to order inpatient medications that are dispensed multiple times and document each medication administration for inpatients (multiple doses per day).

Is this specifically on the roadmap, i.e. to obtain a granular and detailed view of the medication administration for an inpatient?

Enhancement to IPD is in roadmap for 2017 for Bahmni. See more here:

For specifications on MAR (Medical Administration Record), please vote/comment/watch this trello card:

Thanks @gsluthra! I just upvoted the card on Trello.