RE: Trouble depending on hospitalCore

Application Name: Openmrs Version Number: 1.12 Question: Hello, I would like to request your help. I`m trying to migrate an MCH app to run it on openmrs 1.12 platform. I set-p everything[dependancies] properly but trying to load the build module on tomcat7 server[a KenyaEmr instance ] I get this error that relates with classDefNotFoundExemption. When I check in Hospital core I can see the model class referenced to in the import exists. Could anyone be having a clue on how I can figure out this? The session beans are not created when the server is started. I will appreciate feedback and any support from you. Thank you.

Which module references InventoryDrug from the hospitalcore module?

trying to move this app to run in a Kenyaemr environment. mch app

Can you cross check to confirm that all modules having the hospitalcore dependency have their scope as provided and also require it in their config.xml?