Re-thinking and improving contributor meetings

Hi everyone. On 17 April 2014, we will be discussing “community conventions” during our weekly developer forum. As one part of this discussion, I’d like to discuss the meetings we hold for contributors on a regular basis.

What do you think about the contributor meetings we currently have? Specifically,

  1. Are there too many? Not enough?
  2. Too short in duration? Too long?
  3. Do they occur too often? Not frequently enough?
  4. Are they using the ideal medium for participation? (IRC, Google+ Hangout, UberConference/phone, etc.)
  5. Are the right people attending and participating?

We want to make sure our meetings are valuable uses of your time. Meeting “for the sake of meeting” does no one any good. :slight_smile: We want to make sure our contributors have enough communication opportunity, as well as enough time to get work done.

Please add your opinions here before April 17 and the developers forum, so we can better structure our conversation and make the most efficient use of our time together.

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Reminder: We’ll be meeting this Thursday, 17 April, to discuss this topic. If you have any ideas that you’d like to discuss, please list them here!

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