Raising features and bugs with Bahmni

Hey Bahmni team,

I feel like I should know the answer to this question, but as a generic consumer of Bahmni (eg. without a paid support channel), are there any mechanisms I have for requesting changes to Bahmni EMR?

Specific example - today I configured a regex expression format for my primary identifier, and the Bahmni registration app returned a generic error message rather than a nice validation error. I wanted to suggest a minor improvement here. Is there an issue tracking tool where I can raise that issue? I know there are various Mingle and JIRA instances where you track features, but are these actually open to the community?

Do we need a “Bahmni” project in the OpenMRS JIRA repository to manage community feedback and requests?

Thanks, Mike

The primary mechanism is the one you’re using right now, the Software/Bahmni category on OpenMRS Talk. (And in practice you’ll probably get better results with a less meta title. And the more you describe the error in a way that can be copy-pasted into a ticket, the better, of course.)

If you wanted more interactive discussion, during the “normal” working day in India, you’d go to the Bahmni IRC Channel.

I don’t think so. The team uses Mingle for issue tracking, and after a piece of work gets sufficiently described here, it will go in a Mingle card, which is world-readable, so you could track progress there. And duplicating these cards in two places is a recipe for them being out of date in one.

Soon, all of this will be documented on the Bahmni wiki, but the precise details are still being worked out (particularly, around how prioritization happens).

But in this case I’d expect that in the next couple days (possibly with some more precise steps to reproduce the error) this should end up as a Mingle card, a link to which would get reported back here.

Hi Mike, Darius is spot on with everything so I don’t need to add anything more.

The issue you raised in example is logged here. https://bahmni.mingle.thoughtworks.com/projects/bahmni_emr/cards/1043

As Darius mentioned, we formal announcement around these is being worked out and should come out this month, detailing everything (including some of the things we discussed in Singapore)

Assumedly everyone won’t have write access to Mingle, though? Seems like it would make sense to have either a JIRA project or a separate project in Mingle that anyone have an account on, post to, comment on, tag, track, search, etc? These Talk threads don’t seem to be the best place to track a conversation on an issue–I find it hard to dig up old threads at times.

Having a talk thread that leads to a Mingle ticket seems like it could potentially lead to an unhelpful division. What happens if you want to further comment on an issue after it has been converted to a Mingle ticket? If someone wants to search for a ticket, will they have the full search capabilities even if they don’t have a Mingle account? I know this isn’t the intent, but I fear that following the model you laid out @darius could lead to an “over the wall” effect and an issue “disappearing” into Mingle…

Take care, Mark

Hi Mark, Yes I agree with your assessment. This is how things are today but they need not be like that. We would like to keep everything in one place, in mingle. So opening up mingle should be the ideal solution. I think mingle doesn’t have self signup but we could manually take care of that. We will discuss internally and get back with our solution on this discussion.

Great, @vsingh, thanks!