Radiology Orders don't Sync with openERP on v0.82

radiology orders are not getting synced with openERP, only drugs and Lab Samples are, while in v0.81 it works well am i missing something ?

Can you please verify if there is a mapping for “Radiology Order” to any of the shop in Openerp under Sales -> Order Type- shop mapping

Please share a screenshot of the page. We can help you better.

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here’s a screenshot

as u see, there’s no “Radiology order” Mapping, So how can i add it ?

  1. Click on create
  2. Ordertype should be “Radiology Order” (Note: the order type should be same as order type in EMR)
  3. add shop. Example : Pharmacy
  4. save the entered details
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i’ve tried as you mention i received quotation but with no Order Lines

You should set up radiology orders as products in erp. Verify existing lab orders or drug order under Purchases -> Products By Category