Radiology order invoice syncing between OpenMRS/OpenERP

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a way to know if a Radiology Order that produces an invoice in OpenERP has been marked paid in OpenERP (I can see this information in the table account_invoice in OpenERP Postgres DB).

Is this information synced back to the OpenMRS database and is there a way to do that?


Hi @alexis.duque,

No, we are not supporting the sync from OpenERP to openMRS.

I am not sure of this. @angshuonline @arjun may have an idea about it.

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Thanks a lot @binduak :slight_smile:

@alexis.duque as Bindu says, we don’t currently sync any data back from ERP to MRS. One thing that has been discussed is to add a display control on the EMR dashboard that could fetch some info from ERP using web services, and then display it:

Are you in a position to write some code to solve this?

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If you check the thread Darius pointed out, you will find link to some examples that I had posted for getting information from ERP. What you are asking for is very much doable. Let us know if you want to work out some code

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Thank you @angshuonline and @darius :+1:

For the time being, I’ve reached my need adding OpenERP database as a read-only datasource in a module and query for the information I need.

However, this is definitely the ugly way to do it and I will try to leverage the OpenERP as suggested in the thread @darius mentioned above.

For sure, I’ll let you know if I can wrap and share my work.

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