Radiology Module Dcm4chee

HI, I am a student at San Francisco State University, working on Radiology module dcm4chee. I learned from Ivo today that he has contributed a lot on this module. Ivo, It was nice talking to you today, will keep updating you on my work. Thanks Tenzin


Hi @tibwangchuk,

yes was great talking to you too! And I am very happy to hear that you are going to work on the module for your MSc Thesis!!

Just to recap what we talked about and also to inform your supervisor @levine on what I’ve been doing so far.

My name is Ivo Ulrich and I am working at an Austrian Hospital IT company (Vamed), we are doing planning/installations of Hospital IT among it PACS/RIS systems (open source and commercial ones). There are very good open source PACS systems like dcm4chee, orthanc, clear canvas but there is no open source RIS system (as far as I know, at least no good one IMHO). I found the radiology module developed by Akhil Ravindran and thought that it is a very good base to develop further

The module can be found at:

Together with Georg (@bgevam) a student working part-time at my company we

  • added the OpenMRS formatter style
  • added unit tests
  • added integration tests
  • added the module to the bamboo CI (thanks to @cintiadr)
  • added the module to travis CI so all tests run on every pull request
  • added the module to (test coverage rose from 0% to ~ 83% now)
  • used to make our work transparent, well documented, easy for others to contribute as well
  • fixed some bugs
  • upgraded the modules dependency on openmrs-core from 1.9.x to 1.11.4

Saptarshi (@sunbiz) also a former mentor on the project, was of great help to us and we are also working together to develop the module further.

I also created a puppet/vagrant project so others can easily setup a virtual machine with dcm4chee, openmrs, ready to deploy the freshly compiled radiology module:

Recently I set up a cooperation with an Austrian technical school, where 5 students (18 years old) are working on the radiology module for their final school project until April 2016. They are mainly working on the creation of radiology reports. Roughly, we want to be able to write proper reports for every order, which can be exported to a pdf for handout to patients and which should also be sent to the PACS for archiving together with the images. We would also like to add a simple reporting workflow where radiologists can claim an order for reporting, report it and optionally ask another radiologist for review before the report is final. Radiologists should be able to see what orders need reporting and what reports they are already working on.

Saptarshi introduced me to @judy which is also very helpful in bringing in the radiologists perspective on things like the reporting.

Other things we will be working on next are:

  • improve sending of HL7 order messages (error messages of HL7 ACK are not displayed to the user or admin, sending of HL7 order messages is done synchronously, if for ex. when PACS is down creating an order will fail but there is no message queue with automatic retry in defined intervals, so at the moment the user has to save the order again to store it in the PACS modality worklist)
  • filtering of concepts for radiology orders so that only a defined, configurable subset of concepts is allowed for radiology orders (currently you can pick any concept, like “friend”, “false” when creating a radiology order)

As for your project @tibwangchuk its great that your focus is the UI!! As already discussed with @sunbiz we were thinking of two ways:

  • create a new UI with the new OpenMRS UI framework
  • or add RESTful services to the radiology module and create a RIS webapp using for ex. AngularJS (which we would prefer)

Please let me know if you need any help to get started.

Am looking forward to working together! To anyone mentioned, thanks a lot and please feel free to share your thoughts! Ivo


@teleivo and @tibwangchuk, Great to hear both of you will work to move the radiology module forward! At the recent OpenMRS Summit I learned of another PACS system that might improve on DCM4CHEE. I’ll investigate and provide a pointer to it. Barry

Thanks for that @tibwangchuk ! I think this is a major point which needs to be addressed! If you have any drafts, feel free to share.

Anonther thing worth mentioning: @teleivo and me put a lot of effort in keeping the code clean, the UI related code was always kind of hard to keep as clean as the java code. I hope you will find a way to improve that :wink:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask (but I’m pretty sure you noticed that @teleivo is quite supportive, and so am I)!

So for now, keep the good work up!


Thanks @teleivo and @bgevam for your work. @teleivo, I tried to upload your module on OpenMRS platform 1.11.5, I am getting error message saying “Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: Radiology”.

I also tried downloading the puppet/vagrant package, which I am getting lots of error and warning message. I have pasted a error message below.]/File[/opt/staging/dcm4chee]/ensure: created ==> default: Error: Command exceeded timeout ==> default: Error: /Stage[main]/Dcm4chee::Staging/Staging::Deploy[]/Staging::File[]/Exec[/opt/staging/dcm4chee/]/returns: change from notrun to 0 failed: Command exceeded timeout ==> default: Notice: /Stage[main]/Dcm4chee::Staging/Staging::Deploy[]/Staging::Extract[]/Exec[extract]: Dependency Exec[/opt/staging/dcm4chee/] has failures: true ==> default: Warning: /Stage[main]/Dcm4chee::Staging/Staging::Deploy[]/Staging::Extract[]/Exec[extract]: Skipping because of failed dependencies ==> default: Notice: /Stage[main]/Dcm4chee::Staging::Replace_jai_imageio_with_64bit/Staging::File[]/Exec[/opt/dcm4chee/staging/]: Dependency Exec[/opt/staging/dcm4chee/] has failures: true

Please let me know when ever you get time. Thanks Tenzin

Hi Tenzin,

regarding the issues

  1. the module is currently locked down to version 1.11.4 see

pull request welcome :wink:

  1. The error message you get is because of a timeout when trying to download the dcm4chee tarball. Might be that your internet connection was slow or that the sourceforge site from where dcm4che is downloaded from was too slow in serving the file. Just try it again

vagrant destroy -f vagrant up

Hope it works then

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Hey Ivo

Sorry we couldn’t catch up with all the travel in Dec

Do you want to get together on a call to see where things are and plan for the next steps

Also if you want to use email for update then that works too

Let me know