Radiology : Fields getting cleared when switch to another page.

Steps :

  1. Login into Clinical service as Nursing corner user
  2. Click on Clinical from the dash board
  3. Select any patient from the list
  4. Click on “Consultation” > Orders page
  5. Select any Radiology test and Save
  6. Now login as a Radiology user
  7. Click on Orders and select same patient from the list
  8. Select Lab test and click on “Yes” button
  9. Fill the Radiology notes field
  10. Go to Radiology dash board and switch back to Radiology tests page and observe, fields getting cleared.

Is this happening on public Demo server too?

I haven’t tested in demo server. I tested in this url. I think data base is different for Demo server, I am unable to login with given Radiology credentials.

Credentials for demo server are available here:

@rlokhande : After entering Radiology notes, did you click on “Save” on the top nav bar?

@gsluthra I have tested in demo server with Super admin credentials and same issue found. Am also not saving before switch to another page or tab. Actually same thing working fine in OPD patient summary page((in Observations, orders, Medications pages). There the fields were not getting cleared when we switch back to another page.