Quick update before I head out for family vacation...

Hi all,

I just wanted to mention a couple things to the group before I head out for family vacation tomorrow:

  1. Fundraising for operational plan: we are in advanced stages of talking with Amanda McPherson to help us develop a marketing/fundraising strategy for the community. She will start her work by developing some content that we can use as the starting point for some interactions with philanthropies and other interested parties. She might join talk.openmrs.org and our conversations while I’m gone, so please welcome her and help her get up to speed. This is going to be an important emphasis for me over the months to come, so stay tuned for more information.

  2. OpenMRS Inc BOD meeting: we had a good conversation within the organization on Monday, mostly focused upon updating them on all of the organizational development work that’s happening in the community, and getting their assent to how to proceed with point 1 above. If you’re interested, meeting minutes are located here: http://notes.openmrs.org/BoardMeetingCall_2016-03-28. I specifically brought up how we’re looking to formalize communications with the groups more effectively going forward. We can think about how to operationalize this more effectively in the weeks to come, but the metrics document provides a good framework to start.

  3. Community Organizational Development Stuff: I’ve worked through where we stand with the advisory group, the leadership group, and diversity group charters with Terry. She will be giving you all updates, and helping move the leadership meetings while I’m gone. I hope that you all will also have time to address “partnerships/relationships” document while I’m gone. Some group thinking needs to go into how we might more explicitly operationalize these relationships in a practical way. I tried to write some comments to help frame out at least one approach inside the draft.

I will be back in the saddle on 3/11!


Have a good trip @paul!


Don’t you mean 4/11?