Questions on best development setup to be productive

Introduction: Greetings. I am a student in the United States, at Berea College, in Kentucky. I am endeavoring to develop for the OpenMRS project for a Software Engineering class this spring semester. We are roughly seven weeks into our semester and are running into large roadblocks while attempting to set up our developing environments.

These questions are in context to our goal to productively work and contribute to the project with about 6 weeks left in our semester.


  1. Timewise, in terms of the setting up for development, should we focus on developing/resolving bugs in the core or in modules?
  2. Should we be developing with the OpenMRS 2.0 or an older version?
  3. Should we be using the standalone, the manual install, or the vagrant service method?
  4. Is Ubuntu 14.04 the best version to use for development?
  5. Is the legacyUi module useful/needed?