Question from beginner about making change to User Interface

Application Name: Open MRS SDK Platform; Version Number: OpenMRS SDK 3.13.2

Question: Hello! I am part of a group of college students who have picked OpenMRS for our year-long Senior Seminar project in computer science. We have been working for a while now on setting up our development environment and getting everything configured. We are finally at a place where we have both the open-MRS repository forked from GitHub as well as the SDK version I referenced above.

We have run into a hurdle trying to make a small change to the user interface as a demonstration of our ability to edit the code for our professor. Essentially we are just trying to change the color of a button, or add something small to understand how to make changes so that one day we might be able to contribute usefully!

Right now I have both repositories in my IDE, and am trying to identify where in those repositories might I find the code we should be trying to change? So sorry if this is a silly question, or if I am posting in the wrong place, we are just hoping to get past this hurdle so that we can become more active in the community.

Thanks so much for any tips or feedback!

A running instance of the OpenMRS user interface is composed of the core platform and a number of modules in various repositories. If you can point us to the exact button or user interface part that you are trying to change, we shall direct you to the appropriate place.