Question about IDE Installation!

Application Name: IntelliJ Version Number:?

Question: “download IntelliJ from IntelliJ IDEA – the Leading Java and Kotlin IDE We use the Community Edition 2020.2.1 in this guide.” By referring to above link it’s going on this version “Version: 2022.3.2”.Will it be okay if I install with this version? And do we need both IDE’s eclipse & IntelliJ or one will be sufficient. @thembo42

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IDEA is enough for run OpenMRS project if you need to use jetty then you can also download that package. and IDEA makes easier to run project

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Okay. Thanks @parthis.

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it’s my pleasure

Hello, can anyone help me regarding this setup… 3. Edit the file {idea_install_dir}/bin/idea.vmoptions

If you have 3GB RAM, the suggested JVM startup parameters are:





hi @tasmiya20 this is related to configuring the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) options for the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

using text editor;

Navigate to the directory where IntelliJ IDEA is installed. The directory path should be {idea_install_dir}/bin/.

Find the file idea.vmoptions in the bin directory and open it in the text editor.

Edit the file by adding or modifying the JVM options you want to use as you listed above.

save and restart the IDE changes to take effect.

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  • -Xms64m: This option sets the initial heap size of the JVM. The value 64m indicates that 64 megabytes of memory will be allocated for the heap at startup.
  • -Xmx1024m: This option sets the maximum heap size of the JVM. The value 1024m indicates that the JVM can use up to 1024 megabytes of memory for the heap.
  • -XX:MaxPermSize=400m: This option sets the maximum size of the Permanent Generation, which is used to store class and method objects. The value 400m indicates that the Permanent Generation can use up to 400 megabytes of memory.
  • -ea: This option enables assertions, which are statements in Java code that can be used to test assumptions about the code’s behavior.

Thanks @thembo42 .

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Thanks for asking well @tasmiya20