Question about changing email in ID that's not reflected in talk

Hi Team,

Yesterday in ID I changed my primary email and deleted an email that’s no longer used. My old email is still in my user preferences when I login to OpenMRS talk and I don’t see a way to change it. I can also confirm that talk is sending emails to my old email address. Is there another way for me to change my email address in talk?

Thanks, Craig

Which email address do you want to switch to as your primary?

Hi Daniel, allows me to make the designated address the “primary” address. So, I assume whenever there’s a change in the primary address it would signal a change in talk.


@craigappl – this is a change you can make on your own – just have to verify the new one.

You do this via

It should signal a change once you log out and log back in, yes

Thanks @r0bby. I didn’t logout and login again. That was the key.

Yup – always logout and log back in again – @cintiadr @burke – please update FAQs to reflect this.