QA Support Team Call 29 Sept 2020: Notes & To-Do's

Hi all, thanks for a great call today. I found it very informative :slight_smile: In the 2nd hour we did a deeper dive with Cliff and Sharif to identify the remaining tickets that needed action for the Platform and remaining RefApp release tickets (many of the RefApp tickets have had work done & merged, but need explicit/specific testing).

Main action items:

  • Christine, Kaweesi, and Ivan C - to follow-up together to prep for the Squad Showcase on Thursday
  • Daniel - to check existing automated test coverage for REST API queries, since there’s a long list of queries that Cliff and Tendo did manually - these are helpfulbut some are possibly already covered, and we can prevent duplicated work in the future (and possibly automate more of them in the future).
  • Sharif - to review the ~80 RefApp 2.11 jira tickets for tickets that can be closed or that need intentional testing to be closed. (Christine , maybe you and Sharif could talk about how to embed this in the QA plan?)

Anyone is welcome to correct me if I’ve misunderstood anything :slight_smile:

Notes here:

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