Putting data to FragmentModel

I have a fragment and fragmentcontroller to this fragment, in the controller i put ArrayList<Map<String, String>> to the FragmentModel. Map’s generic types are two Strings. But in the gsp page when i look at this variable all the quotes of the strings disappear. For example i have something like this [{label: ‘some label’, value: ‘some value’},{label: ‘some label 2’, value: ‘some value 2’}]. But in the gsp page it turns to this [[label: some label, value: some value],[label: some label 2, value: some value 2]]. Why? Where are the quotes???

@dkayiwa could you look at this?

Can you point us to a github link where your changes are?

oh! i got it! Problem has been solved. It was about sending groovy array to javascript. I have used groovy.json.JsonBuilder class and it worked)