Pushing changes to my Branch @Github

I configured my IDE (Intellij idea) with my githurb account. Could pushing my changes through the Intellij to my Repo work as using Git bash since IDE provides that service of committing changes to my master branch?

From ide you can try ctrl k to make a commit then ctrl shift k to push it to your repo. Make sure you select the branch you want to push to .

@andu033, @k.joseph, @ruhanga, @samuel34 , Can I use IDE in pushing my changes to my Repo as an alternative to git bash command “git push” and work efficiently?

You can if you like it his way more.

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Yes the is an option try googling but I will advice don’t run away from git commands.:grinning:

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@jwnasambu, I tried out and it seemed working but I was not so sure wheather it could be an alternative to git bash command of pushing changes! Thanks for clarity

This can be an alternative but you will be less proficient.

Why don’t you use the Terminal?

Is this thread of help?

take some git tutorials online and try them out,i know with time you will find the terminal friendly!

sure, some people these days prefer the ide - git integrations such as in intellij, i have used it before and liked its visual representations of git functionality. i only though have been stuck around git on command line for at-most a decade and tend to find it easier for me so i use it

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