PSA: How you can bring urgent RefApp issues to attention

Hi Community, Our RefApp 2.11 release is very actively being worked on. We have received reports of a number of blockers and high priority issues, and found some ourselves.

What I’m hearing is that people are keen for quite a few bug fixes.

You can help us prioritize by marking the Fix Version as Reference Application 2.11.0 on any tickets that are high priority because of how they are impacting your implementation. Anything that could impact patient safety or block clinicians’ workflows I would want to see as at least a “Must” level priority.

Kudos to @mksd who’s been very helpfully applying the Fix Version to help us see what are high priority issues for their implementations. Keep it up, and don’t hesitate to tag the release manager @sharif and/or myself in comments on tickets that you’re especially concerned about.

Thanks all!


Thanks alot @grace for this announcement , its really helpfull

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Thanks @grace!

Actually we came across a new issue and @jfigueiredo will file a ticket for it shortly.

In a nutshell: when an optional identifier is configured via the registration app, then it can be edited through the Registration Summary dashboard but it cannot be deleted. The deletion would expectedly be done by clearing the value and submitting an empty field, and that doesn’t work, this “clearing submission” is ignored.


Here is the ticket:


Thanks @mksd for this catch, we will add this in the ongoing sprint

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