Providing doctor role ability to edit drug orders

I would like the doctor role in my OpenMRS installation to be able to edit drug orders listed in the regimen tab. Privileges for adding/deleting/editing orders are set for the doctor role, but when clicking on an item under regimens, I get the message: ‘You are not authorized to view this page’.

It tried to provide diverse inherited roles and privileges to the doctor role, but it seems the only role providing the ability to view/edit drug orders is the system developer.

Is there any way to grant the doctor role the ability to view/edit drug orders without inheriting privileges from the system developer role ?

I am using OpenMRS 1.9.3.

Hi @jevgeni, I don’t know the exact privileges that are required for the regimen tab in OpenMRS 1.9. I recommend that you look into the Privilege Helper Module, found here…

You can use this module to see exactly what privileges are required for a given action.

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for your help, James. The required privilege was ‘Manage Orders’ which was actually non-existent in my installation. I created it manually and assigned it to the doctor role which fixed the issue.

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Hi jevgeni,

Could you please give me more details on how to create this Manage Orders privilege? I am working on a Drug Order module and want the ability to edit an existing drug order.

Thanks, Harini