Provide support for OpenInfoButtons: GSoC 2016

I am interested in applying for above project in GSoC '16 and currently working towards it. I already have the OpenMRS running. As i understood this project means to create help links based on resolving variables into a String value that is stored in the system.I have found some useful information about context-sensitive links. I would like to know that whether my idea is correct and if i have missed some important points, and would like to further discuss on it. Also i would like to know the scope on this work, the deliverables we should aim at etc. Glad that if you can provide me some guidance.

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Hi @milindaruk, glad to see your interest! I think we still have some way to go before we can finalize the requirements for this project…

@k_joseph, @terry, would you like to find time on an OpenMRS design call to sketch out our final requirements? We can ask @jthomas is there are any available slots coming up!!

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I’m also interested in this project. I would like to get some experience as to where openinfobuttons can be integrated. So, can you tell me which module I should be focusing on so that I can familiarize with that module by fixing some tickets? This will also aid me in writing a detailed proposal. Currently, I’m working on some tickets in the RA module and also a PR in RA waiting to be merged.

yes; Dr. Curtis (who had the original design for InfoButtons) is willing to assist us in this-he definitely knows more than i do about what we need). it would help us to hear from him about the tech specs; he is also willing to put is in touch with the people at the U of Utah who have done much of this work.

let me know if it would be helpful to have him on the call, and potential dates.

@surangak there is availability on design forums as early as tomorrow. I will be out of the office until 3/17 so please let @burke know if you want to get on the schedule.

Hi all @surangak @jthomas Is the design call discuss this today?

I am unsure. I will let @surangak answer this question.