Proprietary Health Solutions Functionalities equivalent in OpenMRS 3.x (Google, Apple, Microsoft)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been looking into solutions developed by Alphabet (Google + Verily), Microsoft and Apple. There are quite a few functionalities that makes it easy for clinicians to gather data and also see a holistic view of patient’s health record. As we are moving towards a new framework, is this something that is possibile in the new OpenMRS 3.x? Are there organizations looking to develop functionalities similar to the ones below? Areas covered below:

  • EMR
  • FHIR
  • HIE
  • PHR

Google Health

Care Studio

Care Studio: clinical software to declutter healthcare data

Care StudioTM software organizes complex healthcare information to help clinicians spend more time caring for their patients. (This looks quite similar to the solution that Microsoft developed more than a decade ago - Microsoft Amalga)

Web Version



Apple Health - on FHIR


Health Vault - Microsoft HealthVault - Wikipedia

  • It’s unfortunate that this ended but it’s a PHR that can pull data from different sources

  • It also generates an emergency code that can be printed and placed in the wallet for emergency personnel to access data from health vault

  • ICRC developed an app called Red Safe that allows beneficiaries to store their data/files safely. Here’s a link for more information. (RedSafe, a digital humanitarian platform | ICRC)

AllScripts - FollowMyHealth


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