Promoting Shivang Nagaria to /dev/3

I’d like to promote @shivtej to /dev/3 as he expressed interest in curating Android Client issues. He has contributed a lot to the latest AC 2.5 release and fully deserves to join /dev/3s.


@raff i trust your judgement on this, since you have been working closely with him. So i have upgraded him to /dev/3

Thank you so much @shivtej for the great work you are doing and congs for becoming a /dev/3 :smile:


Thanks @raff, @dkayiwa for trusting me, I will keep working hard to make openmrs better and better.

@adamg, @ykarim250, @tmarzeion thanks for your great help :slight_smile:

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@shivtej Congrats :confetti_ball: You totally deserve it.

@ykarim250, why don’t you follow the same path and get upgraded from /dev/null? See :slight_smile:


@raff Would love to. Thanks for the link :slight_smile: