Project Management Meeting 2015-07-27

Here are the notes from yesterday’s project management call. Action items from this meeting are as follows;

  • @burke will send a thread to try and get a better understanding around the expectations of Kenya when it comes to the OCL subscription module

  • @dkayiwa will take a look at the note from previous Condition List conversations to see if we have enough thoughts/ideas to create an action plan

  • Talk about community swim lane next week

  • @darius will create Talk message asking people to help with REST tickets, will include link to tickets

  • @jthomas will find time on a design call to rank REST tickets

  • @burke will reach out to @raff about being the technical owner for metadata mapping

  • @jthomas will check in on progress of MariaDB next week

  • @burke will point out decision that needs to be made on Hibernate 4 on Talk

  • @jthomas will do a last call for volunteer release managers on Talk

  • All PM participants are going to think about how JIRA metrics can be used to measure work happening in the community.

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