Project Management Meeting 2015-01-11

Here are the notes from Monday’s project management call. Action items from this meeting are as follows;

  • @darius will start posting more publicly about getting formal on recording things that happen in the community so we can create metrics and give people feedback
  • @maany will be releasing Platform 2.0 alpha release in 2 days
  • @raff will do a release of REST web services with no new features before the Platform 2.0 Alpha
  • @wyclif will release legacy UI module imminently in advance of the Platform 2.0-alpha release.
  • @maany will work to get 2.0 outstanding design tickets on upcoming design calls (work with @jthomas ), can post on Talk w/ “design-forum” tag
  • @maany will talk with the infrastructure team about organization of servers
  • @maany will share blog and talk posts with people privately to get feedback
  • @darius will reach out to @elliott to show dev on module repository.