Product Bugs related to FormBuilder

As our team has been working on FormBuilder, we came across the following defects that we have resolved:

1. Formatting is Messed Up for Form 2.0 Concepts

When the concept is configured in the Visits dashboard for Forms 1.0 - the concept name and obs values are reflected. In case of concepts configured from Forms 2.0, the section and hierarchy is displayed, after which the concepts are within. Screenshot shared below:

2. Format Not Aligned for All Coded Answers

A CSS issue - where the formatting is messed up for all coded answers for Edit View from Forms Display Control and in the Consultation View. Screenshot below:

3. Problem in Section AddMore & Concept AddMore

When a value is inputted in a concept and its AddMore sister concept, then the values are reversed after saving. Same problem occurs not only for concepts but also across sections. We found that this order in the form was getting reversed based on the last edited values, and the issue has been fixed.

4. Formatting of Columns in Obs to Obs Flowsheet

There is an issue when concepts are pivoted by columns in obs to obs flowsheet: If pivotOn: column is configured - The display is messed up as below:


To Be Still Resolved:

5. Multi-select observations not displayed correctly in Observation and Visit Display Control

Forms 1.0 and 2.0 multi-select values not displayed correctly in observation and visit(inside observations) display control. If you fill in the forms, all multi-select values(forms 1.0 and forms 2.0) should appear on the observation and visit display control

However, actual output is: Forms 1.0 multi-select obs displayed incompletely and forms 2.0 multi-select obs values not displayed at all

When filling Forms 1.0:

When Filling Forms 2.0:


Observations Dashboard:

Visits Dashboard:

6. Video Getting Saved Twice, Even if Voided

Video is getting saved twice in the database. It voids the first time and recreates on saving. We haven’t been able to ascertain the root cause for this

cc: @vmalini @pramidat @snehabagri @abhinavpc @shivarachakonda

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Thats great. Thanks for the resolutions. Would you be raising specific issues and PRs for the fixes?

Yes, we will raise PRs for the fixes we’ve made

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It is observed that, no obs form forms 2.0 will be displayed in observation display control.

It looks good on product. For forms 2.0 it should be handled.

That’s my bad, it is reproducible.