Problems with "Drug Frequency Coded" concept when upgrading

@akanter, I have noticed while upgrading from a lower OpenMRS platform to 1.11.6, that the drug frequency coded answers result into issues when being used

name: DRUG FREQUENCY CODED, id: 3320, uuid: 71ffb8ee-382e-4ad0-9b42-0b665f81aaf9

Rwanda EMR - OpenMRS - Viewing Concept DRUG FREQUENCY CODED.pdf (149.9 KB)

I wanted to add them to the list of order frequencies from the upgrade which i have tried to do both programmatically and from the UI, the first issue was i need to update the class for each of the answers to Frequency which fails with;

Caused by: org.openmrs.api.DuplicateConceptNameException: 'BD' is a duplicate name in locale 'fr' for the same concept

Or something like this in the UI.

Can we make a change in the release or am i trying to use a concept that is instead used for something else and what what am doing!