Problems updating from version .83 to .85

Hi all,

I am trying to update my bahmni box from version from .83 to .85 but I got the following error in the GUI after i clicked the Registration App:

This is the error in the openers.log:

I was a wondering if anyone else came across a similar issue and solved it.

Thanks for your help.

Please look at the upgrade instructions for 0.83 (for visit Location mapping)

The issue was related to a migration failure that did not allow BahmniEMR core OMOD to start. This issue is related to a missing procedure in the database that comes with .83. This issue has been fixed by dropping the existing database, removing the bahmni rpms and reinstalling version .85.

Are you saying this is a bug, and nobody who has installed .83 will be able to upgrade to .85? If so, let’s make sure this is logged and prioritized.

The issue is with the default database that is provided for default installation.

This wouldn’t be the issue for others. This is fixed in latest releases.