Problems starting modules

I first used the openmrs-sdk and i pasted the .omod files of all the modules (openmrs > modules). I wanted to use. On running mvn openmrs-sdk:run, Openmrs browser starts successfully and i login with User: admin, Password: Admin123.

But on clicking on the manage modules App (System Administration > manage modules), i get this error shown below.

When i click on the Advanced Administration (System Administration >Advanced Administration) i get this error at pastebin and my browser looks like this: I resorted to using the openmrs-starndalone and i downloaded referenceapplication-standalone-2.9.0. I used tomcat and deployed it. I also followed the implementer`s installation page on the Openmrs wiki page. and after the installation was complete, i got a sreen shown below
I cant tell why or were i went wrong.

Any help is much appreciated.

I want to believe the problem is clear that the issue is coming from sync2 module…could u try removing that omod and restart the server.

i was getting the same error (without the statement “There was an error starting the module: Sync2 Module”) even before i had pasted the .omod file in the modules folder.

@jnsereko The error is caused by missing modules that sync2 module depends on. Sync2 module depends AtomFeed module for synchronizing Patient and related metadata. Is there a probability you didn’t run the AtomFeed module prior?

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Thinking of this, I dont have AtomFeed, FHIR modules. let me try to clone, build and deply them and contact u there after.

As you do it ensure you first install the AtomFeed module first before the sync2 module.

Point noted. Thanks @jwnasambu.

Hello @jwnasambu, i am sorry for the delay in giving feedback. I hard issues with electricity.

I have cloned, built, and pasted the .omod files of modules, AtomFeed And FHIR but the error still remains. when i navigate to Advanced Administration (System Administration >Advanced Administration)

Any more suggestions??

cc @ibacher

Do you have the Atlas module installed? Also, if you’re trying to run the Sync2 module, make sure you have the FHIR ( module rather than the FHIR2 module.

Thanks @ibacher,

Yes it is installed.

I had not taken concentration on that but the name of the folder i cloned is “openmrs-module-fhir”, I think i cloned the right repository. :roll_eyes:

Sounds right to me… I was just noticing that the error message you showed seemed to show an issue with the Atlas module not being started… or maybe I read that message incorrectly.

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Maybe its because i have never used the Atlas Module. I have been seeing it but i have never tried it out. Let me try again and see if i can start it.

Hello @ibacher, i have been trying to start the atlas module ever since you gave me that advise. When it failed on the sdk, i was tried it on the stand-alone but on both platforms, it gives me the following error after signing in with my Openmrs ID

However, i can add on a location and even edit the location.

Anyways I was able to start Sync 2 module using the reference-application-standanone 2.9.0. Thank you all for the support.

Am now trying to create the child and parent instances

cc @reagan @ibacher, @jwnasambu

If am to back track abit I feel like the way u may have used the sdk to create the server has some questions…Did you follow the steps given here rather than manually copying and adding the modules? These steps ensure that the right modules are deployed.

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No but i hard read about the page before. Anyways, i had used the developers manual and the implement`s guide.