Problem While Adding Encounter to Visit

Application Name: openmrs stanalone Version Number: 2.5 I am trying to adding > encounter to > Visit but encounter does not appear.Is there any problem with functionality Or I am doing it wrong. Here is screen shot

please explain how can I add encounter to visit

Did you actually save those encounters? Are you able to retrieve them by typing the patient names at?

Yes I am getting it by entering patient but during visit I am not able to add them.I am doing this testing on openmrs-standalone 2.5

@naveed1228 i just cross checked to confirm that this screen does not expect the patient name. Instead type any of the following: encounter id, provider identifier, location, form, etc

Yes it worked on your provided link.It also worked on standalone openmrs encounter page.But when I try to add visit with encounter it shows nothing.It also happened in demo too.I posted the screen shot above.

What do you mean by “it happened in the demo too”? And what exactly did you type in that text box?

I searched Encounter by Id It shows record.Like this

But when I try to add encounter with visit.It does not work on this form.

Do I need to do something else or I am doing it wrong.

Did you try searching by “provider identifier, location, form, encounter type”?

Yes,Now It worked like this.First I create encounter for patient through form.When I start Visit for that patient and searched encounter it appeared.Is this way these encounter worked?

Kindly give me step by step process how to create encounter and then match those encounter for patient.

Did you get a chance to read this?

Yes but I didn’t read it complete.I searched this book for what I was looking but didn’t find.If possible please clarify.I am doing it this way! 1.First save the encounter with specific patient. 2.When start visit for that patient you will get that encounter for patient.