Problem upgrading from 1.9.9 to 2.0.5

My organization is currently running openmrs 1.9.9. I tried the upgrade to 2.0.5 on my VMware, I followed the guide from this link, but in addition I upgraded from openjdk 6 to 8, then I undeploy the old war file and deployed the new war file and restarted tomcat6.

When I enter the url http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ I get the error message: HTTP Status 503 - This application is not currently available

I checked the tomcat6 web application manager/html, the openmrs application was NOT on the list of other tomcat applications.

Please where did I get it wrong?

Can you paste the contents of the tomcat log at

I have paste it at

I copied the content of catalina.2017-06-02.log I hope that’s what you are asking for?

You need Java 8 to run platform 2.x

Thanks Dan, it is good to have someone like in the community, even though the issue is not yet resolve I feel happy that someone is helping me out.

Now, I did install Java 8 you can see it in the attached image a1, but I also notice that at the bottom of the tomcat web application manager it is showing 1.6.0_41-b41 as JVM version as shown in image a6.

I also try to deploy the war file again but I get “FAIL - War file “openmrs.war” already exists on server” which it true as you can see in images a4 and a5.

by the way I am using tomcat6 and I did not remove openjdk 6, does it really matter?

I think it may be easier for you to just uninstall tomcat 6, then install tomcat 7 and have it point to Java 8 After which you will paste the war file in the tomcat webapps folder and restart tomcat.

Good day Daniel,

Hope you are having a great day?

Ok, I purge all of openjdk-6-jdk and tomcat6, then install openjdk-8-jdk and tomcat7. All went well until I got to the stage of deploying openmrs over an existing database and I get the error

There was an error while updating the database to the latest. file: liquibase-update-to-latest.xml. Error: Migration failed for change set liquibase-update-to-latest.xml::201401101647-TRUNK-4187::wyclif: Reason: liquibase-update-to-latest.xml : Service not found: interface org.openmrs.messagesource.MessageSourceService : Caused By: Precondition Error Error while trying to update to the latest database version

I am running mysql 5.5

Please see attached screenshot.

You need to paste the entire log at

I have done so

Can i also see contents of the other log files?

Thanks Daniel for your prompt response. Here are other logs:



I could not paste catalina.out because it is to large and I don’t have a PRO account, but I attached it here as a txt file

catalina.out.txt (831 KB)

Are you actually using the sync module?

Please I will appreciate if we can continue this discussion on my official email, thus forward your reply to and copy, my supervisor’s email address. He want to see what I am doing about resolving this issue and also for documentation purpose in the future.

We generally discourage private conversations for such things that could benefit others who may face similar problems. You could ask them to join openmrs talk and watch this thread.

Yes, you are correct. I removed it from the modules folder and it flagged an error also, I then copied it back.

Please we can continue our discussion here and copy

Ok. will be expecting your feedback.

Did you remove it because you are not using it? Or simply because of some other reason?

I removed it because I got this error: see img1

and when I removed it I got this error: see img2

All these happened when I use the simple installation process of OpenMRS 2.0.5 Installation Wizard

What am trying to say is that, if you actually use the sync module, then the solution is not removing it.

Yes It is been used