Problem running Openmrs3 on server

Application Name: openmrs-esm-template-app and openmrs-esm-patient-chart Version Number: openmrs3

Question: I have been testing the openmrs3 frontend on my local machine for the past months with no issues, and i am trying to run it on server for demonstration purpuses. I am not getting any errors and I have attached an image which shows the process log, but i cant seems to access it via remote ip address.

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@devoop Have you tried this? Check and see if your server’s firewall is not blocking external access to the OpenMRS application. Also check the firewall rules and make sure that the necessary ports (likely port 80 or 8080) are open for external access.

cc: @ibacher @dkayiwa

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In this case, you’d need to have port 8081 exposed via the firewall. I would highly discourage you from making the frontend developer server accessible over the internet, though. It is a development server and does not have the appropriate controls to be an internet-facing service. It is extremely likely to vulnerable to, if nothing else, DoS attacks.


@ibacher I think this is a very important point. It should be included in the documentation.

I have been using openmrs2 and its accessible on the same server without a glitch, the firewall rules are open for port 80

Noted. The frontend is being used for demonstration purposes and we have a work group which has been using openmrs2 on that server and now we have shifted to openmrs3. So in essence we are just testing and evaluating our business cases before fully going openmrs

In this instance my firewall status is : inactive, still i cant access

Have you tried @ibacher solution as well? Just a quick question, You say you have a group that has been using the server for openmrs 2. One other issue may be that openmrs 2 is conflicting with openmrs 3 if you are using the same port. OpenMRS 2 and OpenMRS 3 are configured to use the same port when running. That would explain why openmrs 2 is still accessible on the same port but OpenMRS 3 is not accessible. @devoop

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher

Yes, both 8080 and 8081 are expossed, and openmrs2 been using 8080. Funny thing if t try to acces : 8081 from my client laptop this what i get

By the way 8080 is free as i have disabled tomcat

So the proxy that serves both OpenMRS and the links to your custom app is probably running on port 8080 on your machine. By default, I think the proxy is only bound to the loop-back network interface, so it won’t be available to other machines. The setup using yarn start is configured to enable local development, not network sharing. If you want a version sharable across a network, you will need to publish your app to the NPM registry and use the steps outlined here.

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Thank you, let me go through it. I will revert

now followed all this and i am able to access the openmrs2 initial setup page, however all my trials has been forever stuck at 99%. Paste Bin

@ignatiouschihwayi you should wait for it to finish. (How long has it staled at 99%?). I remember you disabled tomcat is it still disabled? (If yes that could be the cause of the error logs)

Also try restarting and rebuild the application.

yes tomcat still disabled, do i have to enable it? as i want to release the port being held by tomcat. The last time i left it run for close to an hour nd terminated it,.

Now after a restart and with some patience it has now finished, thank you

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