problem running development server Frontend 3.0

Hi I am having trouble running development server in this repository

I tried running commands like - yarn start --sources ‘packages/esm-patient-chart-app’ but when I visit http://localhost:8080 or port mentioned It show site cannot be reached pls help

On my side everything is working pretty well! Did you run yarn command before?

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when i run above command -

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when i go to the link like http://localHost:8081 it show this -

this what happing @jwnasambu

After running yarn command did you run this command yarn start --sources ‘packages/esm-patient-chart-app to start the developer server?

yes after yarn i ran this command yarn start --sources ‘packages/esm-patient-chart-app’ to start development server

kindly share a meeting link please!

yeah sure


@aryangypta05 @jwnasambu was the issue sorted?

yes this issue is sorted but i have another doubt

in this what username and password to use

Username admin password Admin123


Thanks for help