Problem in set-up OpenMRS in Windows 11

i can’t set-up OpenMRs Download – in windrows 11. can you help me ? in set-up i all ready follow Installing OpenMRS - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki this installetion and setup but cann’t properly go.

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sorry, what have you done so far? share the errors you are getting if any

when run that command mvn jetty:run that error comes and 8080 port use in tomcat . and i killed that port. but error not be solved

oo, you are sure you killed the process, hope when you check services listening on that port, you see none. if yes; try to use another port for your jetty server by running mvn jetty: run -Djetty.port=8081 in the webapp folder

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thanks you sir but i sloved the errors come because i using tomcat and i allocated portnumber 8080 that reason i delete tomcat.