Problem in Consultation Notes

Hello All I´m using Bahmni and I’m a complete newbie but I manage to change somethings with no problem the thing i can’t find is how to correct consultation notes in the previos version i could write and format notes as i wish but in the new version 0.93, every time i save the note it delete the spaces between lines and between words so it’s very difficult to read, any suggestions? on where can i modify so i can format my documents as in previous versions? Example… Patien Note Diagnosis: blabla Medication : blalala

that was the previous format now it happens this:

PatientNote Diagnosis:blablaMedication:blabla

Any help would be apreciated and thanks in advance

Hello @chefbucher, Can you please send the screenshots and steps to re-create the issue? Thanks

Hello thanks for your answer here are mi screenshots the first one is when i write the consultation note the second is what happens after i click on save

Screenshot 1 - when i type my consultation note Screentshot 2 - when i see it in the dashboard after saving it

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I tried this in demo server (v0.92).

  1. Entered consultation notes in Clinical Screen. Saved it.
  2. Went to Visit screen (from Patient Dashboard). There in the Observations widget i see, the line spacing is retained as original.

Screenshot attached. So - this must be a bug in V0.93.

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That’s it thanks for checking, so i´ve been looking over all files i can and not a thing about consultation notes, i even change all the regex settings but nothing works, i hope some one with more knowledge can point me in the right direction

Bug opened by team: [BAH-1361] Text spacing in Consultation notes on Bahmni 0.93 - Bahmni - JIRA

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