Problem Filling Data On Xform Textbox

Hi everyone, I am using xforms for patient registration and it was working fine. I have recently edited the registration form and adding a variable and some conditions. Then suddenly the form start to misbehave, when I fill in data in the textbox and move to the next variable, the previous data delete itself. I don’t know if I put a the condition wrongly. I have attach some photos of the design form and properties of one textbox. I need help please

While in the form designer, select Save As from the File menu and send the saved file or its contents via

Here is the is the content after editing the form Registration form 1 - Here is the content before editing the form Registration form 2 -

Does this happen with every field? Or just certain fields? Which ones are they? In other wards, how do i reproduce the exact problem?

From my observation it happens on textboxes. It seems to be working fine on checkboxes and radio buttons.

How do you go about restoring the previous form? Because since I have a copy of the form before I edited it I was trying to restore it but it seems to be processing for a long time( more than an hour). On form design I have deleted a patient tree and open a save form.

Share the server side log.

Here is the server log Form restoration -

Can you share the form that you are trying to restore?

This is the form I am trying to restore Registration form 2 -

Does it work if you paste the above contents into the Xforms Xml tab and then select Open from the File menu?

Thanks i have manage to restore the form and it does not delete the data on the textbox like it did before. But I have another problem the form does not submit I am getting an error.

I have seen someone has experience the same problem Unexpected Failure in Xform Patient Registration - #3 by mafrica but my form location is set default value and I still get the error when submitting the form.

The failure is caused by a missing value for the Identifier Type (patient_identifier_type_id) field.

My identifier type has a default value how comes it is missing?

Maybe while restoring the form there is a part which has not restore to its initial settings. Because when I edited the original form that is the part that I also change so that the user can select the identifier type.

Turn on the Show Model Xml tab. Then while in the form designer, go to the preview and try to submit the form. Check the xml to see if it contains a patient identifier type id value.

I actually was seeing the question of selecting identifier type on ‘design surface’ but when I preview the form I wasn’t seeing the question. Because it was not checked on form properties. So I checked the visible part and remove the default identifier type and let the use select then the form submitted successful.

How come the identifier type question was still on the ‘design form surface’ when I restore the original form which did not have that question on the surface?

I have added another identifier on patient identifier on Administration page. When I refresh the form on design view in order to view the new identifiers on identifier list. The initial problem returns when filling the form data deletes itself on the textboxes when you move to the next variable.

Hi everyone, I am still experiencing the problem of the registration xform deleting previous entries especially on the textbox fields. The form is working fine but once I added another identifier on administration>Manage Identifier Types and then refresh the xform in order to view the identifier. That is when the problem started. I need help to figure out what I am doing wrong.