Problem building appointmentschedulingui module

Hello everyone,

I’m having issues with building the appointmentschedulingui module in eclipse. here is the log i’m having after the clean install : Untitled - Pastebin

I have tried using the command line and i’m still having build failure. After a few researches, i install bower but it didn’t resolve the problem.

Anyone has an idea on what might be the problem?


Is there any reason why you are not building the master branch of the module?

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I will try with the master branch to see if it works

Hi @dkayiwa,

i tried to build the master branch and this is the error log i’m getting.

The error message I see is this:

git is not installed or not in the PATH

Which seems to indicate that either you don’t have Git installed or the Git executable isn’t available on your PATH. You can get Git for Windows here.

Thank you @ibacher, it’s working now after i installed Git.