Problem Authenticating via REST

I installed a fresh Openmrs standalone version 1.11.6 Build 0d2192 (Running on java 6). There are some tests I wanted to conduct on the REST module. Unfortunately I couldn’t pass the authentication stage. When I send a session request as shown below with the correct credentials (i.e. Basic Authorization with credos admin/test which by the way works on the legacy UI) the request user is never authenticated.

GET /ws/rest/v1/session {Headers} Authorization Basic YWRtaW46dGVzdA==

Response is always something as below (That is never authenticated)

{ “sessionId”: “1E2DDB68EAFC24C02E307025DDE167CD”, “authenticated”: false }

The trouble is the logs do not show any errors related to the request. Also the strange thing is I have made this kind of requests before and it used to work, that is the user would be authenticated with the JSON response indicating as such.

I have done this with rest version 2.14 & 2.16 with the similar result!

Any help will be very appreciated.

A machine restart fixed the problem.