Privileges to push to openmrs/openmrs-core directly for the RM

As a 1.11 release manager i need to be able to run release commands but am currently limited by lacking privileges to push changes directly to I think it is because I don’t yet have full committer privileges as i do for partial committer which allows me to push to any module’s remote repository and enables me to merge pull requests.

Am requesting for the privileges to be able to push straight to openmrs/openmrs-core which will allow me to be able to run release commands from my pc.

I have added you as a full committer, can you try now? There used to be a list for partial committers, i don’t see it.

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Thanks @wyclif, can and be of help in this case?

The Talk badges are maintained manually for now until a Discourse plugin is ready, but the GitHub Teams list is the official listing of course.

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Why don’t we have a team for partial committers in github?

We do. It’s called “Partial Committers”.

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Hi All,

Do we have some kind of program which similar to committership in Apache. For people who done a significant amount of contribution to particular code base, then grant them as a committer. May be I missed about the notifications about similar programs. Would it better we can encourage it people to become committers?

Thanks, Harsha

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In fact, that and other related topics are on the agenda for this week’s OpenMRS Camp leadership retreat. So, stay tuned for possible news very soon!

We are very liberal with granting partial committer access. Our process for turning Patient Committers into Full Committers is absent. The absence of an official primarily rises from (1) growing up from a tight-knit group of developers where the formality was not needed and (2) a desire to avoid creating bureaucracy. But that approach doesn’t scale and is a symptom of a larger problem – i.e., we need to learn how to effectively distribute authority. For example, every year the OpenMRS Developer Community should have more people doing code review than the prior year. As Michael suggests, this is one of the themes we hope to begin addressing in this week’s leadership retreat.


@burke and @michael it’s great to see that it will discuss under the OpenMRS camp. I agree that there should be a well define strategy needs to be there for granting full committers. I think full committership is kind of a big achievement for a contributor perspective. May be that would be a motivation too.

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Hi @harsha89 … there were lots ideas for improvements of this process in the last few days at OpenMRS Camp. You’ll be hearing more about it soon from the engineering team as the ideas get more solid, but if you’re really interested you can take a look at an early draft of those ideas here. I’m sure your feedback will be welcomed, especially with your experiences leading up the OpenMRS Guides program.

@michael I have went through it. It’s very clear. I think we now need some close monitoring those events. For a new comer, indeed he will inspire by receiving batches or some rewards in early days which will be a good motivation for them too. Also announcing people who achieve high targets will also make other new comers to work and achieve those tasks. For example, committership announcements in open source projects and etc. This is just a thought, people who fluent in technical writing always looking for some ways to contribute in documentation. Would it be good to have platform wise documentation jira project? Or some achievements related to documentation as well?. :).

There was some discussion about doing parallel paths for other (non-developer) paths, but after we get the first one sorted out and implemented. :slight_smile: