Privileges to add Provider in Openmrs

Application Name: Openmrs, Bahmni Version Number: Openmrs version 2.1.1

Question: What is the privilege needed to add providers in Openmrs? I have created a user with the below privileges:

Get Providers, Manage Providers, Provider Management-Admin, Provider Management API, Provider Management Dashboard - Edit Patients, Provider Management Dashboard - Edit Providers, Provider Management Dashboard - View Historical, Provider Management Dashboard - View Patients, Provider Management Dashboard - View Providers, View Providers.

Using these, I am able to view the providers but don’t have hyperlinks to Add Provider and Manage Provider Attributes as shown below

Please let me know what other privileges are required

This is the privilege that you are missing for adding providers:

And these for Manage Provider Attribute Types:

Thank you @dkayiwa. I am able to see ‘Add Provider’ option now after adding ‘Manage Provider’ privilege. I am also, able to add the Provider after adding ‘Get People’ privilege After adding ''Manage Provider Attribute Types,View Provider Attribute Types,Purge Provider Attribute Types" attributes, I am able to see “Manage Provider Attribute Types” option but, on clicking it, the page to manage provider attributes is not loaded with the below error even though the user has the required privileges:

Is this module of any help?