**Application Name:OPen MRS 2.3.2 Build 437b7f Version Number: 2.3.2 Build 437b7f Module Name Order Entry UI Module Module Version 1.1.0 Drug Order Entry For Open Mrs 2.x Question: Getting Error of Page not found 404 while clicking on Prescribed Medication link


Sorry for this @ali788 , i think You need to define an app extension with id of ID: coreapps.dispensedMedication as follows

  "id": "coreapps.dispensedMedication",
  "instanceOf": "coreapps.template.dashboardWidget",
  "description": "Show dispensed medications as drug orders",
  "order": 10,
  "config": {
    "displayActivationDate": true,
    "detailsUrl": "../../owa/orderentry-1.1.0/index.html?patient={{patientUuid}}"
  "extensions": [
      "id": "org.openmrs.module.coreapps.dispensedMedication.clinicianDashboardFirstColumn",
      "appId": "coreapps.dispensedMedication",
      "extensionPointId": "patientDashboard.secondColumnFragments",
      "extensionParams": {
        "provider": "coreapps",
        "fragment": "patientdashboard/activeDrugOrders"

this can be done under manageApps

if this keep to return 404 error , you may also try to use orderentryui version 1.2.1 seems to be compatible and bug free

Can you please tell , tell me where exactly this file exists ? sorry for my silly question !!!

Sure you can find it on OpenMRS Add Ons download version 1.2.1 thanks, this may also be of help Patient Summary Widget Documentation - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Dear , I am asking that where from i can set mention configurations you post before , " You need to define an app extension with id of ID: coreapps.dispensedMedication as follows" Where from i can set / define app exnteion id in Openmrs ?

Can you plz share your contact /mobile number if possible so that i can convey my problem with you

Can we meet at UberConference then we look through it thanks

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This draft will help you fix all the challenges related with owa Patient Summary Widget Documentation - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki hope you will finsd it usefull

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I have few more questions , plz guide me .

1.How to add Lab Order Recently added module has lab order and drug order. drug order working fine where as drug order entry shows no Lab orderable was found. Plz guide me what should i make wrong. I study and found to create and set the value of global property orderentryowa.labOrderablesConceptSet to da006137-88ca-4d11-ae58-8b4b439afdd6. Plz guide

3.How to print prescription I want to make a printout of precription. Is their any way to get print of preceiption by any module? if yes then plz share the name and version.

4.How to add inventory Module drug which i have written in prescription must come from some inventory /store department. How can we configure inventory module. name of my module so that i can install it .

Configuring Laboratory Orderables

Create and set the value of global property orderNoentryowa.labOrderablesConceptSet to da006137-88ca-4d11-ae58-8b4b439afdd6, go to System Administration → Manage Global Properties Click on add new global property fill the form with the following details, The name of the property should be orderentryowa.labOrderablesConceptSet and the value should be da006137-88ca-4d11-ae58-8b4b439afdd6 as being done in order entries however you need to have lab orderables metadata then

Go to System Administration → Advanced Administration → MetaData Sharing → Import MetaData. Import the lab orderables metadata and wait for it to be installed.

THanks alot , i am going to do that ,

This may also be of help Order Entry End User Guide for Lab Orders - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

where from i can download lab orderables metadata.I have option to import package or URL to download and installation. can you send me URL to download orderables metadata.

If you have well configured all required global Properties , there are a number of lab orderables metadata that have been used so you can try using them also from here, something like but its a zip file that you will import using openmrs metadata sharing, try using the one names file thanks

On importing you will be able to see something like this for difference concept drugs and click import button, then you will be able to use them under lab order management

Let us know of your progress thumbs up to metadata sharing module devs cc @dkayiwa @mseaton @mogoodrich , its doing amazing work :ok_hand:

Then as this screen shot ,it will comfirm that you have successfully configure lab orderables

Field Description
Name: Lab Orderables
Description: Lab Orderables
OpenMRS version: 2.1.3 Build 33f4e7 Warning: This package was exported from a different OpenMRS version. Import may not be possible.
Date exported: 2018-07-20 22:45:24
Package version: 1

I am getting above warning should i proceed with warning …according to it … is not compatible with my installed version

Sure please go ahead and click next


which option should be used?

Use quick test option however every option here works