Possible to create forms with just the REST APIs?

Application Name: Platform Version Number: 2.2.0

Question: Hi, looking to build our custom web front-end application on top that will use OpenMRS via the REST web web services. Part of this involves being able to create forms with customised questions and answers. My understanding is that questions in this case would map to concepts and concept answers represent the possible responsibles with recorded answers being the observations. Been trying to looking at the data model and available functionality through the Swagger documentation and would seem as though perhaps it’s not possible to just use the REST APIs to build forms. Is anyone able to help confirm if I’m correct? If it is possible, do you have guidance on how to do so, e.g. which endpoints to use.

Is there any reason why you would not like to use the front-end provided by the already existing reference application modules?

The web app we’re building that makes use of the services will use a different tech stack and needs to have the ability to create forms within that app. I’m aware that the modules are there but that would fragment the user experience a bit as admins would be dealing with a different interface for customising forms.

Having said, that I did re-read the concept dictionary documentation in more details so looks like both questions and answers need to be created as concepts. This provides for me to look into further

Would embedding htmlforms fit in your user interface?

Would need to see if it can be embedded within an Angular 8 app, do you know if this possible? Might not also think our use case as I believe users will use a user interface to construct the forms as opposed to coding as they will likely not have any experience with writing code.

Do you know the answer to my original question on if it’s possible to use web services to build a form from beginning to end?

Did you get a chance to look at this? https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/100565092/Form+Builder and this? https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/65634306/Form+Designer