Poll: Licensing in OpenMRS

As you may already know, we have been planning for a while to convert OpenMRS over to MPL 2.0 + Health-Related Additional Disclaimer. Now that we’re in the process of starting this conversion, we have some decisions to make. For example, we have licenses in most of our core Java code; however, we have not been consistently adding licenses to testing code (including Java), HTML, JSPs, Javascript, XML, etc. We need to add licenses to some of these, but perhaps not all of them.

In order help establish our conventions for licensing within OpenMRS, which file types do you think should have license headers?

Here are the primary types of files we have: ftl, html, java, js, jsp, psd, rdf, sh, sql, story, svg, tag, tld, txt, vm, withjstl, xml, xsl, xslt

  • Just main Java files
  • Java files in main & testing
  • All Java and scripts (e.g., Javascript, sh)
  • All Java, scripts, and XML (e.g., Hibernate mapping)
  • All Java, scripts, XML, and JSP
  • All Java, scripts, XML, JSP, and HTML files
  • All file types
  • Something different (see my comment)

While I think all of our code (Java, Javascript, script files, etc.) and most/all of our XML files, including mappings (e.g., hbm.xml), should have a copyright header, I’m not so sure that we need the license header on property files, message bundles, web pages (JSP & HTML files), and integration stories.