Platform UI Sprint 1 Announcement!

Hi everyone, for this sprint we will be finishing up on feature development for the Addon Manager OWA in addition to bug fixes and adding tests.


  • Create login OWA
  • Create URL global property on OpenMRS Core
  • Allow Browser Property to show unified Login URL
  • Adding tests
  • Set Login OWA’s URL as OpenMRS Core global property default
  • Create Login + Homepage OWA for RefApp
  • Allow RefApp to set the OpenMRS URL global property as its login OWA URL
  • Create Design Language Specification from Legacy UI

Start Date: 01 Mar 2018

End Date: 08 Mar 2018


JIRA board:

Github repo:


Development Team

  • Bruce Bigirwenkya
  • Patrick Luboobi
  • Samuel Wanjiru
  • Ebuka Umeh
  • Michael Male