Platform UI automated tests are failing

Have been investigating why automated tests for Platform UI are failing and the issue seems to be coming from the Platform 2.5.0 release since qa server was switched to run on the latest platform version. The tests were passing before when the server was running against v2.4.0 but can not tell why they are failing to run on Platform 2.5.0.

Have given an attempt to run these tests manually but they are all throwing a similar error which may be coming from the platform version the qa server is running on.

@dkayiwa @tendomart @sharif @ibacher do you have an idea on the subject?

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How do you tell that qa-refapp is running platform 2.5.0?

AFAICT version of modules on which qa-refapp spins are set in and platform version is set over here which is mapped to the value in the pom.xml. However, have just realized the version is not 2.5.0 as I though before but rather is 2.4.1

@dkayiwa would be good to correct me in case what I know is wrong so that I learn the right thing.

Are these tests also failing on bamboo?

Are these tests also failing on bamboo?

The tests are passing on bamboo and this tells something different to what I thought before because ci run on qa-refapp.

The issue is probably on the tests themselves that am looking into to fix the flaw(s).

The issue is basically on the tests themselves. Yesterday I tried running platform workflows and realized there is something lagging within the workflows which are making these tests to fails. And it seems it’s being caused by one test(platform installation) and it causes others to fail. Am looking into this today.Hopefully will share a solution asap.