Platform release 2.1.4 Impending


I would like to announce the next platform maintenance release in the 2.1.x series.

Well I just wanna be sure of the bundled modules and their artifacts.

cc: @dkayiwa

I have cross checked and it was only the module which was not updated to the latest version. Just done that

Are you now able to proceed?

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Does that mean that there is some automation by CI that updated the rest of the module artifacts?

Am not aware of that. I had to manually update the module versions as i stated above.

@samuel34 are you doing any special modifications to the CI plan before releasing?

Am asking this because your releases from CI (for the second time now) always result into a release version branch instead of tag. For instance, when you released 2.0.7, a branch named 2.0.7 was created instead of the 2.07 tag. Today when you released 2.1.4, a branch named 2.1.4 was created instead of the 2.1.4 tag.

I always end up deleting these branches and release again from CI.