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Hi ,

I am newbie to openmrs and still trying working on it … I managed to to download SDK , setup platform server of version 2.7.0 and run it. using the Add-on manager page I loaded uicommon , uiframework modules … however, I am not able to see them in the Add-on manager even though they were loaded successfully …

is there anything missing?

Thanks in advance

It will be easier for you to just run the sdk setup again and choose Distribution instead of Platform

when choosing Distribution I am getting the following error:

If you are installing O3 distributions make sure you have the Mekom repository on your settings.xml file


<id>mks-nexus- public </id>

<name>Mekom Repository</name>

<url>https: //</url>


You can find more details here: O3 Implementer Documentation: Set Up, Configure & Deploy - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

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working fine now … many thanks

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@wikumc why I do not see the scheduled appointments in the lower part even though there are 3 as per the upper part of the screen?

@wikumc I see these error …

if I manually change appointment to appointments then it is not failing in postman … but I donot know where to change that in the openmrs …

@dkayiwa. @ibacher I am seeing the same error on the demo application. Is this a problem in the frontend??

It’s technically a problem with the backend, but it’s a long discussion. The appointment parts of the app currently are non-functional.


Hi @ibacher … as we change the url from http://localhost8080/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/appointment/… to http://localhost8080/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/appointments/… will fix the issue then we could fix it in front-end as well right?