Platform 1.10.4 Standalone release

I see, so this is the entire concept dictionary and there are internal scripts which reduce this down to the number of concepts actually in the standalone. I do think we need to rename the file to CIEL-data.sql as it is not MVP.

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A rename makes sense!

Not exactly. In this specific case we are talking about a release of OpenMRS Platform. The platform itself doesn’t include any dictionary, but when you run the standalone for the first time you can choose between Empty Database, Demo Data, and Starter Implementation.

This last one (“Starter Implementation”) includes the full CIEL dictionary.

It’s the Reference Application that includes a subset of the CIEL dictionary in even its most minimal installation.

Oh, I thought we were talking about the reference app. If it is the platform I really should give a special build which includes the drug table. I exclude that from the dropbox release in case people have their own drug tables. One could append the drug SQL with the concept SQL now, though…

For what it’s worth, I just posted the 1.10.4 standalone as-is. Looks like we need a process for figuring out when and how to update the included CIEL data.

Looking at the openmrs-standalone repository, I see that the mvp-data.sql file was last modified Jul 14, 2014, and clearly using a 1.5-year-old version of CIEL is not ideal.

@maurya, @dkayiwa, can you please (either yourself or by delegating) ensure that the instructions for releasing the standalone are clear and simple, with the specific goals being that:

  • an experienced developer (but inexperienced releaser) doing a maintenance release can properly release the standalone in <1 day without needing to ask for help?
  • releases include a modern CIEL

Also, please interface (or delegate this) with Andy about including drugs in the “starter implementation”.

The practice has been not to commit the big CIEL dictionary to the repository. So whoever has been releasing the standalone was bundling with the latest local copy from Andy. @maurya or @maany do you think you can update the instructions basing on your latest experience with the standalone?

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Bullet 4 in the readme file needs to be updated to not mention 1.8 since it is end of life.

I think it’s not a good idea to commit the CIEL file, it is too large and only gets used for one version

fyi, I’ll willing to re-do the 1.10.4 standalone release once the instructions are updated.It’s still unclear to me exactly what version of CIEL I should be using and where I should be getting it from.

It should always be the latest CIEL release from the dropbox. An outstanding issue is whether we are also using the CIEL DRUG table which is stored separately. I believe both should be included (the openmrs_concepts_xxxx.sql file and the drug file)


As @darius mentioned, Reference application standalone includes only part of CIEL dictionary and this process is documented here: But, I need to rely on @maany and @wyclif regarding platform release.

@mogoodrich always use the latest version of CIEL in dropbox

Okay, but the standalone release process as documented on the README still needs updating. Can someone take care of that?


  • Bullets #2 and #3 need to be combined because a “mvn clean” now fails with specifying a version number

  • Can bullet #5 be removed as well? It doesn’t make any sense if you are skipping bullet #4

  • Bullet #8: “If running a second time…” Running what? The mvn clean package? Does mvn clean package actually start the standalone?

  • Downloading the MVP CIEL dictionary requires access to Dropbox, and accessing Dropbox requires emailing Andy for permission (see I don’t see this has a huge blocker, but do we want to have step that requires emailing a specific person in our release process?

  • I’m out of dropbox space right now. Is there another way for me to get the dictionary?


  • Increase the maven memory: e.g. export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xms1012m -Xmx2024m -XX:PermSize=556m -XX:MaxPermSize=1012m"
  • mvn clean
  • mvn package -Dopenmrs.version=1.9.0
  • If you are building standalone for OpenMRS 1.8.x you need to append the above command with -P1.8.x and put in the main directory the Demo-1.8.0.sql file from, be sure to download the appropriate demo date file for the release line
  • Update the value of the path attribute of the sqlPath tag in liquibase-demo-data.xml file to match the name of the demo data you just downloaded
  • Download the latest version of MVP CIEL dictionaly from see for how to obtain it
  • Update the value of the path attribute of the sqlPath tag in liquibase-mvp-data.xml file to match the name of the mvp data file just downloaded
  • If running a second time, ALWAYS check to make sure mysql processes on port 3326 and 3328 are stopped. If you DON’T do that, then the “mvn clean” will not really clean. A good command to use is: “pkill -f standalone” (kills anything with “standalone” in the path)
  • If compiling the standalone on a linux running machine like on ubuntu 12.04 LTS, move your clone of this standalone project into an ext file system for-example under your home directory; running it on for-example an NTFS file system will result into permission failures since by default linux may fail to modify privileges on non ext file systems.

Can I make a request that we rename the MVP data file to the CIEL data file in the script. It is not the MVP CIEL dictionary, just CIEL dictionary.

Also, what about the drug table? Should that be appended to the CIEL .sql file?

I have created two tickets to address Andy’s concerns:

(I haven’t scheduled them for work, though. @maurya and @maany should decide whether these can fit into the 2.0 platform release or not.)

I will be updating it.

All three are valid as far as I can verify. So will make the changes

@akanter is maintaining the dictionary so, I don’t see any major disadvantage as well. This I believe is beneficial by letting him know who accesses the CIEL dictionary. If there are any alternatives @akanter is considering, the community might be of assistance for that, as the CIEL dictionary inclusion is an important piece in every OpenMRS Release.

I would think this would be replaced by an Open Concept Lab subscription to a build server. Then it would always have the latest version available.

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@akanter Kindly, does the changes made on this ticket enough for me to request to update this document ? After all, the MVP data file was replaced by CIEL data file in the script neither does the MVP CIEL dictionary exist its just CIEL dictionary and I want to believe any text in the UI of the standalone only say CIEL and not MVP/CIEL or MVP.

Yes, we should definitely update that documentation to drop the reference to MVP, especially since the original project is over and the acronym MVP has another meaning used inside the OpenMRS community (minimum viable product).

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