Planned prolonged outage this weekend on wiki (May 7th)

I’m planning on upgrading the wiki this Sunday, causing a prolonged outage (around 3-4h).

Please let me know if that will cause any trouble.

This didn’t go as expected, as I couldn’t generate a proper backup in time. So I’m cancelling it and postponing it for another weekend.

@cintiadr, you may already be planning on this, but let’s dedicate a medium (6 CPU, 16 GB memory) machine for Confluence.

I’m not sure how you’re backing up Confluence, but in the test runs I’ve done, it was pretty quick & painless to tar+bzip confluence & confluence-data folders along with a mysqldump of the db and then transfer these to a new machine. I was able to get a new copy of Confluence (same version) up & running relatively easily, but haven’t been able to successfully upgrade.

In any case, I have notes from the steps I’ve taken and happy to share with you and help when/if I can.

I was trying to transfer a copy to a new (16GB) machine (i.e., /opt/confluence + /var/confluence-data) and then upgrade in place using Atlassian’s bin. Maybe an approach that would work would be to (1) transfer to the a new 16GB machine using same version as I’ve done and then, (2) now on a machine with some breathing room see if we can do a confluence export (assuming that’s what you’ve tried to do) and then (3) set up a new 16GB server with a fresh version of latest confluence and see if we can import into it.