Placement of nutritional values: Height and Weight

Hello my friends,

In our clinic/hospital, the nutritional values and the other vitals (BP, pulse etc) are taken at the same place and time, is it possible to add nutritional to the clinical area and from registration, bypass the unnecessary need to go to the current page but have it displayed with other vitals?


  1. adding nutritional values to clinical observation tab and removing from registration visit page. Is this your question ? Yes, this is possible. You can configure nutritional values as an observation template.
  2. by pass unnecessary need to go to current page… are you asking how to skip going to registration visit page where these vital information is currently captured ?

Great. I added height/weight to Vitals now need to understand what to change to bypass the need to go to “last registration” page. Probably makes sense after the saving of the record to return to the registration home page. I guess what I’m wondering is, is this done in a configuration file so that the changes will not be over written but future updates? and if so, can you point me in the right direction?

thank you!

Two ways to solve this problem

  1. If you want registration visit page (last page) where you capture fee information etc…, then you can configure to go to patient observation Tab directly after saving the fee information

WorkFlow Registration Visit Page -> Add Fee Information -> Save -> Navigates to Patient Consultation (Observation Tab)[where to go can be configured]


  1. If you don’t want the registration visit page at all, then you can directly configure to go to clinical consultation fro registration patient creation/view page WorkFlow Create a Patient/ View a Patient -> Click Consultation (configured instead of Start OPD Visit Button) -> Go to Patient Consultation (Observation Tab) [where to go can be configured]


  1. registration extension.json
  2. add the config below

“startConsutation”:{ “extensionPointId”: “”, “type”: “config”, “extensionParams”: { “display”: “Enter Consultation”, “forwardUrl”: “…/clinical/#/default/patient/{{patientUuid}}/dashboard/concept-set-group/observations” } }

Thank you @sravanthi17… the workflow would be Create a Patient / View a Patient -> Start OPD Visit Button (or ANY VISIT type Lab, Pharm, IPD, Emergency) -> Go to Search/Create a new Patient page. In this scenario, the Registration persons only job is to start the workflow and send patient to the next step. I attempted to add the code but it is still directing to the “Registration Fees” page. Since the Registration Fees are not tied into openERP, we are unable to use them at this time.

here’s code i tried to use: app.json.txt (1.4 KB)