pihcore module test error

Hello @mogoodrich

On a fresh clone of the pihcore module with a mvn clean isntall build am getting this error https://pastebin.com/6e3CenXq. Wondering what could be the cause of this error?:slightly_smiling_face:


Can you paste the logs at pastebin?

its right there in the “error” link

did you try pulling the latest changes before you built? @gcliff

yes, as you can see in the logs

your paste bin looks to be empty


i am building on linux will let you know as soon as its done

:+1: cool man

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got this successfully building on ubuntu as seen here https://pastebin.com/7iZBbitv

thanks @herbert24 for this :+1:,

do mind trying to build on windows environment ?

ohh sorry,i only have ubuntu os on my machine

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@gcliff but stillyou can try reaching out some one in the community to see whether they can build on windows

sure @herbert24, thats why i brought it up on talk

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We (PIH) are a Ubuntu shop so haven’t ever tried to run in Windows, so that may be your problem. A quick look and this might be the relevant error… maybe it is not finding the proper version of core for some reason?

Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is org.hibernate.MappingException: Following super classes referenced in extends not found: org.openmrs.Provider